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Design Chief,

Product Development,

Assembly, Shipping, Sales, Promoter, Social Media Communications, etc.

CRD is solely ran by myself, a 1 man small business. With over 18+ years of Design & Engineering Experience spanning across many industries ranging from but not limited to Sports Cars, SXS, Trucks, Jeep, Retail & Organic Design. Experience with working in all materials but focusing on sheet metal & tube design for many aftermarket parts creating unique designs to stand apart from the crowds. I work with only the best local laser manufacturing and powdercoating companies to bring you the highest quality custom made upgrades.

My motto as always is

Quality Not Quantity

Unlimited Imagination 



To provide Client Satisfaction with the Best Premier Custom Designed upgrades in the Nation  working individually with each and every one of you to accomplish this goal. A truly one of a kind experience. The CRD Experience!

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