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“I reached out to Christian with a photo of my jeep, a name and a concept and I let him run with it. I knew that I wanted my custom hood vents and cowl armor to be backlit and he designed and created the perfect pieces for my Jeep, Ariel. Christian then created the most incredible side mirrors and fender inserts that a girl could hope for! He truly brought my Jeep’s Little Mermaid theme to life in the most creative and magical way possible. Christian Ramirez Designs is truly the only way to go for gorgeous custom pieces for your vehicle!.”


"I have been "fangirling" over CRD for sometime! I'm so excited to have my first piece from Christian and hoping it's now the first of many! His guidance, attention to detail, and ideas throughout the process along with the quality of product he puts out is what makes him stand out in the industry! He answered every questions I had! I would not hesitate ordering from him again in the future! I was able to install the gas cap myself and couldn't be happier with how it turned out! Grateful to have this work of art on my Jeep!

-April ( Jeep Daisy )"


"When I first saw Christian's work I was intrigued and wondered how he could help my jeep look better. So we talked for about a week as he got to know me and my personality. Then we started the process... when he showed me his idea for my inner fender liners I was blown away!! I was so impressed with his version of my vision, it was like he read my mind!! He really took the time to get to know me and what I liked and he brought my ideas to life!! Thanks to CRD STUDIOS my Jeep is a one of a kind!!


“Smash Collection”
"Christian’s level of design and creativity paired with his professionalism and ethics are unmatched. He was patient with my changes and indecisiveness and I never felt rushed or an annoyance. He was in touch throughout the process sending photos along the way. The entire collection is so much better than I expected. My Jeep is truly one of a kind. He is an extremely busy one man operation who is a reflection of something he posts often…”Quality Over Quantity”. Thanks CRD!"



"CRD does great quality work. I reached out to inquire about custom inner fenders he was promt with his replies and delivered an awesome custom design. The quality is great and I've gotten nothing but love from people admiring Nightmare Jack."


“Found out about Christian Ramirez Designs from a fellow Jeeper on Instagram. From the time of first contact through today (and I am sure well into the future) CRD has been fantastic to work with. The amount of care he puts into every aspect of his business is second to none. He will work every detail to perfection, answer any questions you have through the process and is available at an unbelievable rate of speed. His customer service skills could teach a lot of businesses how to conduct themselves. We are currently working on our next collaboration for inner fenders for both of our Jeeps and are at the edge of our seats to see what he comes up with!”


"Christian Ramirez Designs is an exceptional company to buy all customized Jeep parts. He takes his time on your own specific custom design. Communicates through the whole process and makes sure you are 100% satisfied. Delivery was easy and fast. If you have any issues he will also walk you through the entire process.!"


"When I saw CRD's work I thought it was cool and unique. I reached out to him and he responded quickly. His designs were very quick and to my expectations. I can't wait to have CRD work on my next project!"


"I started seeing Christian's videos come through on my feed and saw what amazing work he was doing. I was looking for another mod for my Jeep and the gas cap was a no-brainer. I let Christian know what I was looking for and he came through with flying colors. He does great quality work with fair pricing. I can't wait to get my next mod done by CRD Studios!"


"After how amazing my gas cover turned out I knew I wanted my next upgrade soon. I saw the cowl armor and knew that would be a great addition to my Jeep. Something small that makes a huge difference in the look. Since I loved the design I chose for my gas cap cover I decided that my cowl armor should match and all together it made a big change on the look of the Jeep and I absolutely love it. I tell anyone looking for something unique for their next upgrade, I always recommend CRD. Quality not Quantity."


“I reached out to Christian after seeing so many amazing pieces on his site and from other Jeepers on Instagram.  From the moment I made contact with Christian I felt like more than a customer.  He truly makes you feel like a friend.  Even when I placed my order, he was CRITICAL of his own timelines.  This is unusual as most customers are the antsy ones wanting their product shipped immediately. His site and Instagram posts kept me in the loop throughout the process and to be honest past the time because his work is so mesmerizing to look at.  Then after his beautiful creation arrived, he sent me a discount for taking so long (which I didn’t really feel took long for the quality at all) If you’re on the fence take a chance. You will not be disappointed in his work or the awesome person Christian is!"


"Hi there. Experiment 626 the JK here. If you’ve been creeping ChristianRamirezDesigns and haven’t messaged him yet… JUST DO IT. I had seen his work around for quite some time due to a fellow Jeepie that I follow *cough* @Tiffany_the_tink_tank *cough*. I browsed the site but still couldn’t muster up the courage to make a purchase as I had been unhappy with a not-to-be-named company that I had customized parts ordered with. Along comes Christian with his Brand Ambassador announcement, and to my great surprise… he picked me! In shock, I started trying to decide what to order. One day he announced he was having a sale and I finally took the dive. I ordered a fuel filler door and Molle panels for 626. I was SO vague in my ‘description’ of what I wanted. I knew my colors and that I wanted Stitch. That’s it.

Christian made my pieces better than I could have ever hoped for. He is responsive to messages and will work with you and your vision so that you can make your ride come to life. With Christian, you and your rig WILL be a show stopper. I’m now trying to decide on my next pieces that I already know I’m going to be in love with, because that’s what this one-man powerhouse does best! He puts his all into every thing he creates and every piece is remarkable. If you’ve been on the fence on whether you should use him and his company for your baby, let this be your sign to go ahead and come on over to the light side with us cool kids."



“I reached out to Christian after seeing some stunning, custom work appearing on some of my favorite Jeeps. These are pieces that stood out and I wanted in!! From the first moment, I was hooked! Not only is he amazing at what he does but he is the BEST human I've had the privilege of working with. It's like he reads my mind with design, comes back with something better than I could have ever imagined, and continues to provides the best service in the business. You feel like Christian knows you and is a friend helping customize alongside you. When you see one of Christians pieces, there is no denying that it is his. The designs are one of a kind and just look like they are made to fit that specific Jeep. The Quality is the Best I have seen. Each Christian Ramirez box has me literally running to meet the delivery truck, installing the pieces as quickly as possible and placing my next custom order .”


"My bestie @Harley_Quinn_JLU received some amazing liners from  @ChristianRamirezDesigns, she sent me the link so that I could check out his other amazing work. I reached out to Christian directly. You would never know he is a one man show! Christian is so creative, kind, friendly and patient. I told Christian that I wanted an amazing set of liners and other accessories to go on my baby BREEZY. I shared with Christian that I had seen some of his other amazing work and I didn't quite have a true idea as to what I wanted but I had a concept. Because my jeep's name is BREEZY and the theme is island breeze, I wanted something that flowed with the design. One of my wishes was for a mermaid but I said to Christian, hey let's be honest the average mermaid is petite, small waist, long hair and I told him I don't want her to look like the average mermaid I want her to look more like me, a black woman, full figure...voluptuous.. plus size and Christian said no worries I got you, I know exactly what you want. When I saw Christians designs I was simply amazed. I was completely taken aback with how amazing he made each piece look. The palm trees, mermaid, fins, silhouette... every inch of each design is filled with intricate details. The mermaid is exactly what I wanted a nice plump, sexy number,  that looks like me.  Christian promised me that once I received my liners people would be turning their heads looking at my Jeep and let me tell you every time I get behind the wheel of breezy people are looking and complimenting me on my liners, my accessories my gas cap, everything. Christian is an amazing designer  and he truly provides one of a kind designs. I look forward to seeing his future designs because from where I stand they get better and better each and every time. I am amazed at his originality and creativity! I don't know how much better he can get but trust me, I am here for it. I am truly a satisfied customer and I definitely have plans to get a few more original designs from the amazing Christian Ramirez Designs."


"I contacted Christian about some custom cowl covers after seeing his work at Jeep Beach. The amount of detail that he can put into what he produced is incredible and I knew I needed a set for my Jeep. Christian was quick to respond to my inquiry and we worked through the process of designing, creating, and fine tuning my new covers.

After receiving the covers, I realized that the color I had chosen was wrong. Christian worked with me to correct the issue and get me what I had been waiting for. The covers are truly a work of art and I’ve already had multiple inquiries from other Jeepers about how they can get their own. I have no doubt that this small business will thrive and blow the market away."


"Christian was absolutely awesome to work with in the design process of the parts we ordered from him. He’s a great guy to deal with as a whole.
He was constantly reaching out with updates , options and or questions in regards to the products to ensure we would be nothing less then 100% satisfied. Needless to say we were more then happy and astounded at just how Bada** the parts came out!
The products this outfit is putting out are top of the line in more then just their great style and look.
If you’re looking for more then just some cookie cutter jeep parts that everyone else has , then CRD is definitely the way to go without a doubt! nothing else will make your rig look just as good as it drives!"


"Christian Ramirez Designs has been hands down the best buying experience I’ve ever had! He truly cares about his customers and it shows through his designs, products, and hands down best in business customer service!

The best part is having truly custom parts for your Jeep. I originally came to him with an idea for my wife’s JL and he nailed the design first time. After seeing it in person we knew we had something amazing in CRD! Now that my Gladiator has CRD cowl armor I can’t wait to see what’s next!

If you want boring go generic. If you want to stand out choose CRD!!"


"Looking for a top end A pillar ? CRD STUDIOS made it . It’s beautiful AND functional. Top quality product with epic details . A must to have . And options are endless . Oh yes last but not least , Christian is very attentive to customer wishes and always giving his time to finalize all the little details. 200% satisfaction with this amazing product ."


"I am absolutely in love with my custom parts from CRD! I really wanted my Jeep to stand out and represent me! I had a theme, but wasn’t all the way sure how I wanted it to look. CRD assisted me while I designed my parts to fit the image I was looking for. Christian was patient and easy to work with as I customized each part of the design until I was 100% satisfied. The design process was fun and I really felt like part of the team. The quality and detail in the finished product are unmatched to anything I’ve seen! I highly recommend CRD to anyone trying to bring their rig to the next level! I can’t wait to design my next parts!"


"Christian provides top notch customer service. He is always pushing himself to do more be better and provide more. His designs are original and unique to each client.

For me: he helped me find my vision and bring it to life! I only go one place when I want to go to the next level and that’s CRD studios! You should too! He’s a cool dude doing cool shit."


"I’ve been looking for a company that makes custom themed Jeep parts that look cool and are of high quality. CRD’s custom work intrigued me so I decided to give him a try. I sent my theme basics over and he ran with it. For making custom parts from scratch the process was smooth and timely. I absolutely loved the design and quality of the JKU gas door. I am just getting started with my theme parts and can’t wait to see what else CRD comes up with!"



"I'm here to say that CRD is definitely above the rest. I have purchased two gas caps and both were of the highest standards! Great craftmanship and the colors are amazing. So well made. I have now ordered cowls and can not wait to add them to my Jeep. Thanks CRD for your awesome Jeep parts and your great work and dedication you put into each and every piece! I'm a customer for life ."


"When I stepped back into the Jeep community, I went the straight route and ordered my Jeep the way I wanted it from the beginning, knowing that my upgrades would be few. My first few were: Front bumper, Winch and CB, simply put, I get stranded nowhere. Naming my Jeep, came after a little research, I needed another word for the Ruby Stone, as Dragon was always going to be part of the name, hence: Scarlet Dragon. However, she still didn’t really like she was alive yet, still not quit right.

I have a couple favorite builds that are always in my IG feed, and it finally hit me when I seen Ariel Mermaid all lit up, Scarlet needed a little more personality.

I reached out to Christian, with a general sense of what I was thinking, and left the mastery of design in his hands. The design he came back with, Front Full Dragon with open wings, resonated, with his visionary skills, I could see Scarlet coming to life. Then, he sent me the rear design, and where he drew his inspiration from. That hit, and hit hard, as I knew that Dragon, the power, the grace and most importantly, the Attitude. Christian understood me, without ever actually speaking with me, he got it.

Since then, through emails, chat, and phone calls, I have come to admire his ability to connect, honesty, professionalism, dedication, and attention to details. He truly cares about the products he puts his name to, as it reflects his character.

For a 1-man business, he is setting a high standard, understanding that he is only “1-Man”, knowing that he puts everything into each design, meticulously ensuring that everything is as perfect as possible, I find it very easy to support. This isn’t a “cookie” cutter, and I truly believe that if you want to stand out and your build reflect your vision, there is no one better in the industry."




"We purchased a full set of fender liners and a new gas tank door cover from CRD and absolutely love them. The whole process was SO worth the waiting. Christian was very professional, courteous, and accommodating to be sure our vision was met. 

We've only participated in a couple of car shows, but so far his work is turning heads! People are asking where all kinds of questions about his products. They're loving them too!" 

Jennifer & Michael Simerly 



“My inner fender journey was not the things dreams are made of UNTIL Christian stepped in like the wonderful wizard he is and worked his magic! I originally ordered inner fender liners at JeepBeach in 2021 from a different company that literally took my money and brought me to tears over design, shipping, quality, lack of communication. This left me with a heap of inner fender liners that are useless and gave me little interest in pursuing my inner fender dream. Then, in late 2021, I won a calendar girl contest on IG and the prize included custom hood vents from CRD. After seeing Christian's design for my hood vents, I was hooked and knew that I was just going to count the inner fender liners from the other company as a loss and go with CRD, only the best, for my finished product on my Jeep! With a few ideas of what I was wanting, Christian took it and ran with it and the finished product absolutely speaks for itself! I feel like even MissDemeanor is smiling with them on her and she turn heads everywhere now! I am so so happy with the whole process with Christian. When I had gave up on my inner fender dream, he came at me with total confidence, genuine communication, great customer service, impeccable design and quality products, fast turnaround for a custom product, all the hardware needed to install was included with the product…just more than I could’ve asked for but exactly what I wanted for my @missdemeanor_jlu Join the CRD family, his products will not disappoint and after your first order you’ll be hooked! .”


“Rosie the Riveter Collection”

First let me say that the level of professionalism dealing with Christian Ramirez Designs (CRD) is top notch! I came to CRD with a design that I had in my head as a memorial piece to honor my wife’s grandmother whom had recently passed away. Eleanor aka Granny was an original Rosie the Riveter. I told Christian what my thoughts were and told him to run with it. And what it turned into was nothing short of amazing. Everything he designed was brought to life better then I could have ever imagined. His communication throughout the process was impeccable. Once I received my order I was speechless the quality and detail is unmatched in this industry. I recommend CRD every chance I can get, if you want to stand out from the crowd CRD is the best! There are no cookie cutter pieces here, Christian is machine when it comes to design and building his products! I cannot wait to see the next collection. Thank you so much for honoring Granny ❤️ Thanks, Kim & Sara



"Working with Christian on my custom Jeep parts was fabulous! I gave him a general idea of what I wanted, and he created a design that went above and beyond my expectations. He truly cares about making one of a kind pieces for his customers. He takes customization to the next level!"


"I came across Christian Ramirez Designs from a dear friend. And saw the amazing work and craftsmanship of his creations. And was amazed. Gave him a picture of the design of bo-katans helmet. And made it come to life. My gas cap cover was easy to install and turned out amazing"

JT Landing_edited.jpg

"I absolutely love our products from Christian Ramirez Designs (CRD). The front bumper, cowl covers, off road mirrors and hood inserts are all made with the highest quality. I love all the attention each part gets.
Installation was simple and when we had a question, they responded within minutes. He even offered to video chat to make sure the installation was going properly.
Very happy with the products and services from CRD. I highly recommend to everyone!"


“Ordered the cawl covers had an idea of what I wanted. Christian at christianramirezdesigns blew my expectations out of the water. It has stepped my Jeep up to the next level. Can’t wait for the next addition.”


"I found CRD on Instagram and checked out his designs.
I decided to contact Christian with my idea of what I wanted and he took it from there.
I can't wait to add to my collection in the future."


"I'd like to first thank Christian Ramierz Designs (CRD) for making this such a pleasant experience. My son and I are both Gladiator owners and he shared CRDs link with me. He knew I wanted to do something special and tasteful to Luna and once I saw the awesome work CRDs done I was hooked. I actually started using Instagram because of them .. LOL. I reached out and was so surprised how quickly Christian responded. I shared my thoughts and vision, and he was able to put it all together. We did a little tweak and quickly came up with the winning design. I was given the timeline, he kept me posted along the way. There was a little glitch when he received the piece that he had fixed so the final product would be perfect. I was so excited when it arrived. It was exactly what was promised and was packed extremely well. I cannot say enough about CRD ... they are now family."



"Had my first hands on exposure to CRD when my husband purchased a gas cover and cowl covers. I loved them and decided I had to order something when I got my Jeep. The first thing I ordered was a custom gas cap cover. Great Quality and Custom Service. Christian sent info over every step of the way. When Quality counts, I wouldn't want anyone else to do the work. Thanks CRD for helping me achieve my Custom look!"

storm the jl.png

"Getting a Jeep has always been something I looked forward to for as long as I can remember. And just like everyone I have many visions on how I want my jeep to look. When I first saw Christians work on fellow Jeepers I just had to see the rest of his work. He is amazing to work with, listens to detail and his products are great and the quality of the products are the best. I took the chance and glad I did, my custom gas cap was just what I was looking for, so I reached out again and ordered my custom Molle Door Panels! For a 1 man business he sure does one hell of a job and I will continue to purchase from CRD for all my custom needs."


"Wanted to send my thank you for the custom jeep products. I recently ordered the custom molle panels and the custom gas cap assembly for my 2017 JKU. I was able to work closely with Christian on the design ideas and color scheme for the layers. I appreciated the time line given at purchase was accurate, I purchased the items separately but Christian was able design them to match and get them shipped out together. The quality I received exceeded my expectations and the price was very reasonable. I am looking forward to purchasing additional items in the future." Robyn Maley


"I first found @Christianramirezdesigns on Instagram and was amazed by the quality of work I was seeing. I reached out to Christian and placed my order for my JK Molle Panels and had them customized. We talked about what ideas I had and what we could do with them. I was completely impressed with the quality of craftsmanship and the amount of effort he put into the parts to make sure I was getting what I truly wanted. He was excellent to work with and answered all my questions. The only hard part I'm having now is deciding on what upgrade I want to order next. If you want to make your Jeep stand out and give it that extra special touch Christian is most definitely the way to go. You will not be disappointed."

312008008_639423061222514_8545300967759373368_n (1).JPG

"Working with CRD was honestly amazing. Had to be my best experience working with someone. The amount of time spent collaborating with me to bring my ideas to fruition was enjoyable and fun. The work though...that's where everything just clicked and felt right. I knew I made the right choice going with CRD. The effort and time spent getting each piece just right shows his work ethic. I honestly can't tell you how happy I am with his work. It really brought my Jeeps theme to life. From the fender liners to my cowl mounts. I am a believer in CRD. No one is making 1 of a kind parts like one. Everyone else is just copy paste cookie cutter parts. Don't settle for anything else but truly custom one of a kind parts. Can't wait for my next part!"


"Let me start off by saying Christian I’d such an amazing guy! He’s extremely professional, easy to work with and he actually listens to what YOU want. He puts his heart and soul into every piece he designs and it definitely shows! His creativity and designs are unmatched. With me having a TJ it’s hard to find custom parts that are priced well but are still top notch quality and Christian provided me with just that! He worked with me to figure out how to offer parts for a TJ and made it happen! I told him a few ideas that I had for Trigger and what I was wanting and he made it come to life! CRD is definitely the way to go for custom parts for your Jeep to stand out and be unique from the crowds! Stand out, all out!



"Christian was amazing to work with on my Guardians of the Galaxy collection. I told him I was completely changing the theme of my Jeep, and he was more than willing to help me accomplish that dream! I had purchased products from him before, so I knew the stellar work he could create. I sent him ideas of what I was looking for, and he brought them to life. He made sure I was completely satisfied with all of the designs. His work never disappoints, and my Jeep Milano looks incredible now thanks to him."


“I discovered Christian Ramirez Designs through other Jeep owners. Christian took my ideas and easily made them a reality. All of his designs are unique and were exactly what I wanted for my Myrtle.”


"I found CRD Studios via high recommendations across the Instagram platform and Jeep community. After reviewing all of the awesome custom pieces Christian had created for other Jeepers, I reached out with my Poison Ivy theme and ideas. After a few suggestions, changes, and proofing, my inner fender inserts and cowl covers "bloomed"!

If vivid colors, glow in the dark features, and unique designs weren't enough, Christian went above and beyond by personally delivering my finished Jeep parts to me at the Huntington Beach Jeep Bash.

These were my first custom mods for this Jeep from CRD Studios, but they definitely won't be my last! Gas covers anyone?!
Thanks Christian! ✌️❤️🌿"


"I had the privilege of coming across CRD after his work on the batman series. I expressed how I would love to begin my own series for my jeep. My husband reached out to surprise me with my beautiful inner liners. They worked hand in hand to take my dream and make it a reality.

CRD took the image of the Phoenix I fell in love with and turned it into a work of art. We have designed the matching pieces for my build and can’t wait to complete my series. The quality of my inner fender liners truly surpassed my expectations. I know that the rest of the parts will also be a quality like no other."


"Being a Jeep owner you are always looking for a way to make your Jeep unique. My 2018 Sahara, “Jaws,” is a representation of me and my lifestyle. When I wanted custom cowl covers I knew I needed to find someone who understood my need for unique. Christian is an artist. He took my idea and made it even better than I could imagine. His communication was prompt and professional. The quality of his custom designs are unmatched and the turn-around time was impressive. Christian Ramirez Design made “Jaws” even better. I highly recommend this master of the metal!"


"Finding someone who actually listens and pays attention to the intended build outcome is definitely one in a million. Christian really focuses in on what you want and even adds in details that you never imagined were possible! My custom #beachlover custom cowl covers are everything I could’ve imagined! Really changed the entire outcome for salty_lil_beach_girl! This was a surprise from my hubby (and Christian). The process from beginning to end was seamless and full of communication. I especially appreciated the reels Christian tagged me on, showing the progress. I will definitely be coming back to Christian Ramirez Designs (CRD) again in the near future! Thanks Christian!"


"I wanted a gas cap cover to match my Jeep’s theme and after a lot of searching I didn’t find what I wanted but through searching I found Christian Ramirez Designs and saw that other Jeepers I follow on Instagram have some amazing custom parts made by Christian and I knew right then I had found someone to make exactly what I was looking for. I then sent Christian a message, the design & colors I wanted and he did not disappoint. He made me hands down the best custom part I could have asked for and I truly look forward to adding more custom work to my Jeep in the near future. I feel lucky to have found CRD."


"I first found CRD and his work in December 2022 on Instagram. I’m a person who loves art and practicality and here is a person offering both. I needed something from him for my new 2023 Jeep Rubicon XR! I was very impressed by the custom work of CRD then to discover that he was a one person business was even all that more impressive to me. I couldn’t decide on what I wanted for my Jeep because unfortunately I had already purchased and installed new inner fenders and bumpers for my Jeep so I elected to go with one of CRD’s Custom Gas Caps. I fell in love with one that CRD had already designed called “The Adventure Compass” because it was as if it was meant for me. The only difference was I wanted mine in purple and black. CRD was so nice to me during the ordering process. I had a few questions and he got right back with me and helped me through the process. Then he showed me what my gas cap was going to look like before it went out to powder coating to make sure I was happy with the design. After coming back from powder coating CRD sent me photos of my finished gas cap and sent it out to me. His packaging is A+! I received it and it was even more than I imagined it would be!!! Not only was it an absolutely beautiful piece of artwork but it was also extremely well made which is obviously just as important! I couldn’t be happier with it! In fact, I was so happy with CRD’s work that I’ve now ordered three more custom parts from him for my Jeep! I ordered and received in the same design “The Adventure Compass” Custom Cowl Armor, and they look incredible and I receive so many compliments about everywhere I go. I ordered a set of Custom Hood Vents which I worked with CRD on the design with. I ordered Front Door Sills and CRD was so kind and patient with me going over them with me when I was ordering them because I kept debating on what type I wanted lol. I can’t wait to get them all and installed!! I’ve gotten to know Christian over the past six months. I can tell you that (aside from his family matters) he’s definitely the hardest working person that I know of, he’s about charities, community, people, the customer, quality, his products, his business, always improving, finding new products to make, striving to be the best and I could go on. As long as CRD continues to put out high quality and great looking products I can use for my Jeep I’ll continue to purchase from him. In the meantime I’ll continue to support him and the CRD Name. If you haven’t purchased anything from him yet I strongly recommend that you do, you won’t be disappointed." Tammy Wilder


"I have been a following Christian for a while. Working with him was amazing. I sent him a picture of the decal, my daughter made and told him the colors. What he sent me was perfect. It was even better than I expected. This is the first of many custom parts I will order. Will tell you the hardest part was trying to figure out what to order because I want everything. The quality and design are amazing. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you will want to get full custom-made parts."


"I ordered a custom gas cap for my 2006 jeep wangler, I soon found out the Christian is a very down to earth guy and very humble, he has answered all my questions. When I got the gas cap it was extremely well made and very easy to install and looks looks very good on the jeep. I would highly recommend his company to any of my friends and will definitely be ordering from him again in the future."

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